Mazdaspeed6 – oil changes

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Jul 292013

Changed out the major oils this weekend. 44,307 miles on the odometer.

Note – Engine is and was doing fine with Mobil 1 (since my first oil change)


The drive train runs so smooth now! All gears roll smooth, no whine from gears and less “braking” action which I assume is from less overall friction.

Engine – 5W40 Mobil 1 ESP

Transmission – Red Line MT90 Gl-4 Synth 75W90

Transfer case – Red Line Gl-5 Synth 75W90

Differential - Red Line Gl-5 Synth 75W90


changing oils

changing oils



44,307 miles

44,307 miles

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Sep 112011

Summer 2013 – Update – Sienna is gone. Needed to go to a place where kids would occupy the passenger area more often! (still have the 95 Previa)


We added a 2011 Toyota Sienna to the household stable this summer. Very smooth ride, lots of space, and nice options. As is the family norm (with exception of the MINI) it is all wheel drive.

The 1995 Previa is now relegated to “hauler and learner’s” status. Just in case you were wondering, it is the best vehicle ever. 🙂

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