Sep 112011

I have had a good time with my Line 6 GuitarPort for some years, and am excited about getting hold of a KB37 as a step in the hopes of making a little home studio. Just fun by the usual means – technical learning while making some noise!

Line 6 Toneport KB37

TonePort KB37 Ins and Outs:
Keyboard and control surface details:

    • 37-key, full-sized, velocity-sensitive keyboard
    • Pitch bend wheel
    • Octave up/down

Software-assignable controls:

    • Modulation wheel
    • Sound select next/previous
    • 5x transport buttons
    • 4x buttons
    • 4x knobs


    • 2x XLR mic preamp inputs with +48V phantom power and trim knobs
    • 2x 1/4-inch stereo line inputs
    • 1/4-inch instrument input with -10 dB pad input for instruments with high gain output
    • 1/4-inch stereo monitor input
    • 2x 1/4-inch footswitch jacks (software-assignable for sending MIDI commands to recording software (start/stop, punch in/out, etc.)
    • 1/4-inch expression pedal jack (software-assignable for controlling GearBox wah, volume or sending MIDI to recording programs)


    • S/PDIF stereo output (RCA-type)
    • 1/4-inch balanced line outputs with master volume knob
    • 1/4-inch headphones output with independent volume knob

Computer Interface:

  • USB bus-powered with LED status indicator
  • USB 1.1 & 2.0 compatible
  • Rock Solid ASIO, WDM and Mac® OS X driver
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Sep 112011

Scored a bass guitar this summer.

Just another step in prepping for some fun this winter. Already have had some fun with the Line 6 Gearbox sounds. I am thinking about some ways to amplify this, and have experimented some with a novel Yamaha “ear” speaker.


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Sep 112011

Got some drums recently. Two sizes of Djembe by Toca. They are quite enjoyable to play and make a wonderful sound. I recommend these with no hesitation. Unexpected bonus, these have a high WAF because they look so nice too.

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